And So, You Must Be Silenced

Posted: September 12, 2012 by ShadowSnake in Ganondorf, Import, ShadowSnake
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Hey guys ShadowSnake here again with The Arbiter from the Halo universe, imported directly from Halo 3. This mod was probably the most tedious ones i have made yet, but alas he is done! I have probably made an Arbiter texture/vertex hack 6 times, but i am finally going to conclude my Arbiter mod with an import.


– nearly perfect rig
– shiny armor (which looks gold on bright stages similar to his Armor in Halo 3)
– perfect metal
– final smash eyes
– version with energy sword in his hand
– energy sword glows



BlackJax96 for helping me fix the shine textures

Nanobuds and Velen for the metal sonic shine texture

ExorcistRain for telling me how to seperate polys without ruining the rig.


This import means a lot to me considering it was one of the first textures i ever made, which was probably 4 years ago. Hope everyone enjoys this import as much as i do.

Master Chief and Sargent Johnson are coming soon as well, i promise. :P

  1. Ninka_Kiwi says:

    Glad to see an import of him. Now lets see Master chief!

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