Punk Yoshi

Posted: January 26, 2013 by ShadowSnake in Import, ShadowSnake, Yoshi
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Boshi over Yoshi

Boshi: that punk Yoshi from Super Mario RPG joins the brawl.

Dhragen’s Boshi texture was my favorite Yoshi mod back in the texture hack days, it was in need of a good update though. So i modeled up some claws, shades, toes, spikes, and a collar. Much of it was modeled, UV mapped and textured from scratch; which was pretty fun to do. The texture edits were pretty easy too. The tattoos and tail spikes are not in Boshi’s original design but they add much more to his punk appeal so I kept them. (redesign can be good if it is done properly) This is what recolors in brawl should have been, alternative costumes/skins.

Many thanks to StupidMarioFan1 for giving Boshi moving eyes, moving final smash eyes, transparent shades, perfect metal, Yoshi’s original shaders instead of the generic brawlbox ones, some texture edits, and for taking the screenshots.

Boshi uses Yoshi’s original rig so the rig is perfect.

The download includes a CSP and 2 different versions, one with Dhragen’s Boshi wing texture (which looks really cool) and Yoshi’s original wing texture.

Have some pics:

Sorry for no pics of the metal or final smash eyes, but i assure you they do work, they were tested before release.



  1. iwvi says:

    I really like the style he has. His skin, the egg texture the shades. All the small details add a lot to it. I really like it. And I totally agree with what you said, costumes could have been more than just recolors, is like they wasted an opportunity to add variety to the game.

  2. ShadowSnake says:

    Thanks glad you like it. Yeah the brawl developers could of gave us something like Mewtwo as a Lucario skin/costume instead of just a white Lucario. Maybe these Brawl hacks will knock sense into them so we get something other than recolors, Playstation All Stars actually had skins for the characters, but Smash is still a better game. :P

  3. StarWaffle says:

    This isn’t bad at all. Good job.

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