I Left The Gang When The Gang Left Me

Posted: February 1, 2013 by ShadowSnake in Import, ShadowSnake, Snake
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John Marston

John Marston, the ex-outlaw from Red Dead Redemption joins the brawl.

I know there was another Marston import on the vault but it didn’t satisfy me enough, Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorite games so it had to be done.

Here’s what he has:

– all 6 face expressions
– perfect metal
– perfect shaders/normals

All the transparency jazz works, the rig is really good, and the textures are brightened otherwise he would be almost grey.

Here’s some screenshots:

Note: there were some vague texture glitches on the belt and buttons in the preview pics, those glitches are fixed now.



Until next time.

  1. Ninka_Kiwi says:

    I really dig how he turned out SS, can’t wait to try him out!

  2. StarWaffle says:

    Ugh that muddy face texture -.- Some textures just don’t transition well into a brawl setting. On the bright side the rig looks nearly flawless.

    • ShadowSnake says:

      Yeah originally the textures were at 1026 x 1026 and looked a lot better but the expressions brought the filesize up a lot, even with optimization i still could not keep the textures at that quality i wanted, so i had to lower them 512 x 512. Pretty much anything from a ps3/360 title looks awkward in brawl, they just dont fit well into the style. I don’t how you would brawl stlye this guy anyways, i really need to look into brawl’s color schemes, i want to start brawlizing my mods.

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