Mega Mewtwo Y for Project M 3.0

Posted: December 14, 2013 by nanobuds1220 in Import, Lucario, Nanobuds


Mega Mewtwo Y over Lucario  Mewtwo

-Model by Vaanrose
-Rim Lighting by Mewtwo2000
-Boneset by Eternal_Yoshi

-Size mod (but I included a wifi-safe version)



Download Project M here!

  1. AGS says:

    How do you use it? It says it has to be used over Mewtwo and not over Lucario, and I don’t know what does it mean.

  2. Ninka_Kiwi says:

    Fantastic job on this one Nano. Can’t wait to see what other alts you may be working on for Mewtwo.

  3. jokekid says:

    using the wifi version, this is a great alt!

  4. ch4fChaf says:

    Can that be used like an other Alt costume added on the list or we need to replace a color to have this?

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