Beware of the Flaming Mustache.

Posted: December 17, 2013 by nanobuds1220 in Uncategorized


Mega Charizard X over Charizard

**In-game pics are inaccurate. The eye has been fixed to the proper color. See the render for the true eye color**

-Most of the model and textures were done by KTH

-Includes a Wifi Safe version



  1. iwvi says:

    Looks great. But now I can’t unsee the mustache!

  2. jokekid says:

    great job on this, i’ll be grabbing the wifi version please.

  3. Denis says:

    Great Job and when will you guy’s do Mega Charizard Y and Mega Mewtwo X?

  4. Luigifan141 says:

    Why is Mega Charizard X bigger than regular Charizard? According to Bulbapedia, they’re both 5’07 and 1.7 m (along with Mega Charizard Y), so it would be nice if there was a offline version of Mega Charizard X that is the same size as the original one.

  5. sbfantom says:

    Wifi version is great, but any chance of Battle Portraits for this and the shiny one? Always completes things better :)

  6. asaderox says:

    Both mega mewtwo Y and mega charizard X have a bit of lag (at least in dolphin emu),.. Ignoring that, this hack is awesome. Now I will wait for someone to do mega mewtwo X and mega charizard Y lol.

  7. drewfromstatefarm says:

    how do you install the mega mewtwo and charizard mods for project m on dolphin emu?

  8. lupe says:

    where is the download button?

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